Google Drive & Classroom Integration

Import your Files and Class Lists at the click of a button

Import from Dropbox

Drag and Drop your files directly from Dropbox

OneDrive Integration

Import files and media from your OneDrive account

Multiple File Types

Build your lesson from multiple file types. Images, PDFs, Docs, Sheets, Google, YouTube, Movies, all can be included in your Contribute Cloud File.

Cloud Based

We’re a cloud-based platform which means there is nothing to install, maintain or update. You just need a browser to access our platform

OS Agnostic

As we are browser based, we are operating system agnostic. If you have a browser, you can access Contribute Cloud on your device.

Create Modern Lessons

Modern lessons are no longer confined to a proprietary format. Import multiple file types into Contribute Cloud. Images, Videos, PDFs, Spread Sheets, Documents, all make up a 21st century lesson. Let Contribute Cloud deliver yours.


Collaborate and work in real-time with your students on a shared workbook. As the teacher, you have full control of who can collaborate on the document with you. Looking for a way to make your lessons more interactive – this is it!


Your students are able to cast their screens (not just their browsers) up to the LED. This opens up a whole new realm of whole class teaching and group collaboration sessions. Never before has casting been so easy in a classroom environment.

Multi-Cast Student/Participant's Screens

Cast multiple screens at the same time onto the LED. This is a great feature to be able to compare what participants are doing on their devices at the same time, in real-time.

Scroll to see all

You are not limited to just 4 screen on the LED, you can have as many as are in your session. Simply scroll up and down the Multi-Cast Window to see your different participants.

Switch Between Modes

Switching between single Cast screen and Multi-Cast screen is just a click of a button. The presenter or teacher has full control for who and how screens are cast to the LED at any time.

Whatch Our Demo Video

Let us explain exactly what Contribute Cloud can do
We’ve lots of video Tutorials available on our Vimeo and YouTube Channels, check out the link on the menu to view them.

This is how it works

It really is this simple!
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Simple and easy to use
Incorporate multiple file types
Unlimited Teachers
Cast from your Chromebook, PC or MAC to the LED
Google Classroom Integration
Utilize your cloud storage drives to access your content
Email invitations directly to students
BYOD initiative friendly
Operating system agnostic