Latest Update to Contribute Cloud

Some cool new features have been added in this release. Let’s take a look at the changes.

User Interface – firstly, we have moved the Cast and the Chat windows into the notifications toolbar. Makes much more sense to have it here and takes up less space on the page.


You are now able to select a button and then press on it again so that it de-selects that particular tool and defaults back to the cursor. This feature is available for all the buttons in Contribute Cloud.

Self Paced Mode and Forced Sync

We are now able to offer the students a self-paced option to browse through the slides, forwards and backwards at their own pace. If the teacher wants to have them look at what they are doing, they are able to press the Sync button and all participants will be brought back to the same screen as the teacher.

The student is able to see if they are not in sync with the teacher as their sync button will be red if they are not viewing the same screen as the teacher.


Control what students are able to see

We have added the ability to customise the view of the students. What this means is that the teacher can choose whether the students are in self paced mode or not.

Contribute Cast Extension Check

We’ve added a check when a student or participant joins a contribute cloud session to see if they have installed the plugin that we use for casting. If they have not, they are prompted to do so.

Pause Screen

Teachers are not able to pause the screens for students removing all the content and the tools. This is a way of stopping the students on their devices so they can listen to verbal instructions for example.